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Here is a sneak peek inside Diana Kotb’s inspiration box.

The Petal Skirt in Cerise, is made from luxuriously fluid viscose and delicate cherry blossom weaved lace.

Stock is limited, secure your piece today.

Available now in our store.

Inspiration: The iconic Cherry Blossom Lake in Japan.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.07.50 AM


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Hidden beneath the aesthetics of every Diana Kotb piece are many hours of planning and problem solving.

We take the upmost care in making sure our pieces don’t just look beautiful, but function beautifully.

This is a sneak peak at a technical drawing from our upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

Can you see what I see?

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.41.42 PM



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Spring into our e-commerce store to add a little blossom to your wardrobe.

We recommend the Ruins Skirts and the Game Maker shirt in Floral, to brighten up any wardrobe staple.



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Flying carpet, sofa or art installation? ‘East meets West’ by Tonio de Roover begs the question.

In a visual sense, the sofa appears to be the perfect statement piece for ones home but you will be disappointed to know it is a sculptural object definitely not designed for sitting.

To Roover, ‘East meets West’ is a representation of the idea of a magic carpet rising from the East and finding its way to the West. Further demonstrated by the modern aesthetic and materials used.


Why Does Team Diana Kotb love East meets West?

Not only were we instantly captivated by its beauty, but the piece connects personally to many muslims born and bred in Western countries. It exemplifies the perfect balance between our community and our heritage harmoniously intertwined. A concept that the Diana Kotb Team never looses sight of.




‘East meets West’ by Tonio de Roover


Diana Kotb Loves – Chilled Warmth

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tumblr_mhpf9tfEZ11r626g8o2_r1_500Team Diana Kotb loves balance and this space is the perfect representation.

From the polished mirrored walls in sharp geometric shapes, to the aggressive angles and shelving, this room should in theory feel quite cool. However, this designer cleverly balanced the space with Cherise soft and luxurious velvet seating and warm toned floorboards on the floor and ceiling, to complete the look.

The result, is a beautifully inviting space that feels like home.


Why does Diana Kotb love Chilled Warmth?

Not only does it have a fresh and fabulous colour palette, the clash in textures, shapes and tones are in perfect harmony. A technique we love to experiment with ourselves!



Diana Kotb Loves – Rhombus (Origami)

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Created by Artist Shannon Finley, this stunning geometric work, injects the perfect balance of bold and pastel tones.

At first glance, you find yourself admiring the beauty of the digital style geometric painting.

However, the more you look, the more your eye creates false images created by the shapes and shadows of the piece.

Why does Team Diana Kotb Love the Rhombus?

Not only do we love the colour palette, Finley’s artwork creates optical illusions from a 2D painting. A skill, not many have ever mastered. Hidden beneath its beauty, are hidden surprises.

A trait we employ ourselves!

Shannon Finley, Rhombus (Origami) Painting

Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Diana Kotb Loves – The Silk Road

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The understated beauty of Kate Moss in Mario Testino’s and Tonne Goodman’s shoot for US Vogue, cannot be faulted.

Titled “The Silk Road” and featuring Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, this divine shoot captures all the wonderment of Istanbul, Turkey.



Why does Team Diana Kotb Love this:

Because just like our label, this is effortless beauty at it’s best.


Diana Kotb Loves

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If you ever wanted a rare insight into what Team Diana Kotb is loving, thinking and inspired by, you have come to the right place.

This week the team shares inspirational references that hold vital clues towards our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

How will these images translate?

Time will reveal all!



Featured Product – Atlas jacket python

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Create a sense of drama, with this exquisitely tailored statement jacket designed to conceal in all the right places.

Made from luxuriously weaved jacquard, this jacket is part of the Diana Kotb Limited Edition range only available for our exclusive customers.

Try pairing this statement jacket with a soft neutral coloured knit, boyfriend jeans and loafers or heels for an effortless day-to-night look.