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This season’s must have piece is the Vicereine tie-neck blouse.

Love the look, but you just don’t know if it suits you?

Our resident Designer and Stylist Diana Kotb, is here to help solve your problems.

Here are her tips…

The Vicereine blouse will work in two different ways for those who have a larger bust-line and those with a smaller bust-line.

For a larger bust-line:

– Try and wear the tie-neck simply crossed over, instead of tying it in a bow. This will bring the focus away from your bust-line.

– Add a blazer to the look to form some structure. I recommend a dark-coloured blazer.

For those who have a smaller bust-line:

– Tie the neck-tie in a large bow. This will bring the attention and focus up towards the neckline. A perfect way to add volume in the most demure and modest of ways.

Remember the neck-tie blouse is a season’s must have, but it is also a timeless piece for any wardrobe. Purchase yours today!

The Vicereine Blouse is available now at the Diana Kotb store in Pippi,Prim and White.

To read more about our Vicereine Blouse, look out for our story “5 Things you Didn’t Know About The Vicereine Blouse”. Available on our website on this week.

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